20th Century Foxtrots 3

Gottlieb Wallisch (piano)


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Gramophones and radios brought the voice of America, its fashion, its carelessness and joie de vivre into every corner of Europe during the Roaring Twenties, and no composer could remain immune to the hot jazz influences of the Foxtrot, Shimmy and Charleston. This third volume of jazzy piano dances features composers from nine Central and Eastern European countries, from Misha Spoliansky’s hypnotising Valse Boston ‘Morphium’ to Leonid Polovinkin’s extremely entertaining and refreshingly futuristic approach to the genre. Gottlieb Wallisch continues his ‘most surprising and consistently charming recording project’ (The New York Times on Volume 2, GP814).

Detalhes / Referência

Glière: The Red Poppy, Op. 70
Harsányi: Foxtrot (from 13 Danses)
Harsányi: Vocalise étude 'Blues'
Jora: Pie`ces (5) pour piano, Op. 7 'Joujoux pour ma dame'
Kortchmariov: American
Krein, Yulian: Tango
Laks: Blues
Logar: Tango-berceuse
Moyzes: Divertimento, Op. 11
Pejacevic: Vertige
Polovinkin: Fox-Trot, Op. 9 'Ski'
Polovinkin: South American Dances (3)
Shostakovich: Music from 'The Bedbug'
Shostakovich: The Golden Age, Suite from the Ballet, Op. 22a
Spoliansky: Harlem Blues
Spoliansky: Jimmy Shimmy
Spoliansky: Morphium 'Valse Boston'
Tansman: Symphony No. 3 (Symphonie concertante)
Tijardovic: Loulou la languide
Tijardovic: Mein Shimmy
Tiomkin: Créoles Blues
Tsfasman: I Want to Dance
Tsfasman: Lyrical Rumba
Vladigerov: Fox-Trot
Zádor: Bagatellen in Jazz

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