Alfano: Risurrezione

Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Francesco Lanzillotta


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Franco Alfano’s opera Risurrezione draws its inspiration from Tolstoy’s novel Resurrection and was the work that ensured Alfano’s considerable success as a composer. The plot narrates the story of Katiusha and her tragic love for prince Dimitri who seduces and abandons her, condemning her to a life of sacrifice and desperation. Seen here in Fancesco Lanzillotta’s acclaimed Florence production, Risurrezione recalls Richard Strauss and Puccini – the drama evolving in an uninterrupted flow with moments of soaring lyricism alongside striking and evocative orchestration. The work gives voice to an idea that Alfano left in his memoirs: ‘Recoiling from catastrophes, I believed and still believe in the renovation, regeneration, and final purification of human passions from evil to goodness.’

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Alfano: Risurrezione

Anne Sophie Duprels (Katiushia), Matthew Vickers (Dimitri), Leon Kim (Simonson), Maggio Musicale Fiorentino (opera company), Francesco Lanzillotta, Rosetta Cucchi

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