Beethoven: Canons and Musical Jokes

Cantus Novus Wien, Ensemble Tamanial


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One of the least explored areas of Beethoven’s compositions is the miscellaneous sequence of canons, early exercises in counterpoint, mature jokes and jeux d’esprit that he wrote over many years. He composed a two-part canon for the composer Hummel in 1816 and in 1823 one for four voices (written in a tavern) for Count Lichnowsky. He also wrote birthday and Christmas greetings for colleagues and friends, and songs that punned on recipients’ names or poked fun at them.

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Beethoven: Canons and Musical Jokes

Stefan Tauber (tenor), Martin Weiser (bass), Franz Schneckenleitner (bass), Wolfgang Däuble (cello), Thomas Holmes (piano), Claudia Schlemmer (soprano), Luka Kusztrich (violin), Benjamin Lichtenegger (violin), Lara Kusztrich (violin), Dominik Hellsberg (violin)
Cantus Novus Wien, Ensemble Tamanial

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