Nineteenth-Century Music

Jon W Finson


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Nineteenth-Century Music: The Western Classical Tradition provides a guide to the basic literature of European art music for the period from which we still draw the majority of our repertory in modern concert halls and opera theaters. The study, revised and expanded, explores standard works by such composers as Beethoven, Schubert, Rossini, Bellini, Schumann, Mendelssohn, Liszt, Berlioz, Wagner, Verdi, Bizet, Brahms, Strauss, Franck, Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Dvorák, Sibelius, Mahler, and Puccini, tracing the various artistic threads woven through Western music between 1800 and 1900. Frequent and detailed tables serve readers as guides to examination of musical scores from this period or as roadmaps to listening, and the text provides relevant biographical and cultural background of the composers whose work we most often enjoy today. In this new edition, featuring more composers and re-examining their cultural milieu, music students will find a succinct and accessible introduction to a central period in Western classical music, while other musically literate readers may enjoy its concise summary of the nineteenth century's musical culture.

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Nineteenth-Century Music: The Western Classical Tradition
Jon W Finson

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