Rameau: Hippolyte et Aricie

Sir Simon Rattle, Freiburg Baroque Orchestra


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Sir Simon Rattle conducts the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra & State Opera Choir. The French Baroque opera Hippolyte et Aricie carries its audience away into a world of wonder with magnificent dance and choir scenes and an astonishing variety of musical forms. Jean-Philippe Rameau, a French contemporary of Bach and Handel, revolutionised the music of his time with radically novel, sometimes dissonant harmonics, extraordinarily colourful and complex orchestral movements, diverse rhythms and dramatic intensity.

Ólafur Elíasson, who created the set design for the opera Phaedra and the ballet Tree of Codes, is responsible for the set and costume design. In his art, he deconstructs natural phenomena and reimagines them with the use of colour, light, reflections and motion. Elíasson never approaches a work of art as an autonomous entity, but instead seeks to engage in a mutual dialogue with the audience.

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2 DVDs

Jean-Philippe Rameau
Hippolyte et Aricie

Anna Prohaska (Aricie), Magdalena Kožená (Phèdre), Elsa Dreisig (Diane), Reinoud Van Mechelen (Hippolyte), Gyula Orendt (Thésée), Peter Rose (Pluto/Jupiter), Roman Trekel (Tisiphone)
Freiburg Baroque Orchestra & State Opera Choir
Sir Simon Rattle

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Tipo de ProdutoDVD
Selo/EditoraOpus Arte
Número de Catálogo/ISBN0880242643186
Peso de item
Data gravação2019
Data de Lançamento2020
DVD - SistemaColor
DVD - Descrição16:9
DVD - ÁudioPCM Stereo / DTS 5.0
DVD - Tempo153 min.
DVD - LegendasEnglish, French, German, Korean, Japanese