Suppé: Fantasia Symphonica, Orchestral Overtures

Tonkünstler-Orchester, Ola Rudner


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In addition to having written the first Viennese operetta, Franz von Suppé was a master of the Italian, French and German styles which he blended like an alchemist to form his own unique, irrepressible compositions. Two imperishable examples are here, the overtures Poet and Peasant and Morning, Noon and Night in Vienna. This album also explores his previously unrecorded Fantasia Symphonica, recently rediscovered in Viennese archives by conductor Ola Rudner, which displays masterful orchestration, distinctive melodies and a mastery of counterpoint. Other rarities complete this fresh look at the breadth of Suppé’s ambition.

Detalhes / Referência

Franz von Suppe (1829-95)

Dichter und Bauer Overture
Fantasia Symphonica
Des Matrosen Heimkehr, Act I: Prelude
Des Matrosen Heimkehr, Act I Scene 1: Ballet. Tanz der Schiffsjungen
Historisch-Additionelle Ausstellung des Carl-Theaters: Overture. Prelude
Ein Morgen, ein Mittag, ein Abend in Wien Overture

Tonkünstler-Orchester, Ola Rudner

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