The Great Instrumental Works: Unlocking the Master

M. Owen Lee


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From Mozart to Debussy to Olivier Messiaen the works of 50 composers are closely examined in ÊThe Great Instrumental WorksÊ. It is a book for anyone who enjoys the lively arts of opera drama film literature and popular song and who wants to find out what is really going on in the symphonies of Mozart the string quartets of Beethoven the orchestral works of Debussy and Ravel and the contemporary pieces of Olivier Messiaen and Arvo P¢rt. The author Father Owen Lee is an internationally known commentator on music and the arts and writes with a style that has been called rich dense and profound (Citizen's Weekly) highly readable (Choice) and often irreverently amusing (Opera News). With Father Lee as a guide the intricacies of classical forms and key relationships are rendered not only intelligible but meaningful the music itself becomes life-enhancing and its great composers come vividly to life.

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The Great Instrumental Works: Unlocking the Masters Series, No. 7
M. Owen Lee

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